December 20, 2011

The Great Procrastinator

What is the saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions?
I regret to inform you that after my last post on November 30, I have pretty much rested on my self-righteous laurels and have barely lifted a finger as far as my Christmas preparation pledge goes. Okay, I did bake 20 dozen cookies on the weekend for a family cookie exchange. The tree is up and the house is decorated. I have NOT designed or ordered my Christmas cards (think I missed the boat on that one) nor have I even addressed or mailed generic cards. I’m thinking that perhaps I can start a new tradition of sending Orthodox Christmas cards by January 7 as we do celebrate both. There are those blasted stocking stuffers to buy. And then there is the wrapping...
Instead of hauling out the gifts hidden in the basement, taking inventory and wrapping this morning, I am sitting at our new breakfast bar, listening to some Mumford & Sons on Sirius satellite radio, drinking my third coffee and thinking about all the other things I can do to put off the wrapping. It’s true. I have revealed my true procrastinator self. Give me a deck of cards and I’ll be playing solitaire for hours instead of working on my essay... Oh wait, this isn’t university anymore.
Granted, this year has been so much less stressful that previous years. It’s been pleasant not to be battling the multitudes at the dreaded malls, everyone in panic mode and miserable, inventory in array, with nary a salesperson in sight to help. The majority of my gifts were purchased by mid-November. Perhaps this is why I’ve put off the gift inventory/wrapping for fear that, although I’ve carried around my gift idea notebook and checked things off methodically, I may have missed some big gift and will have to get back out there. *shudder*
Can you tell that I’m seriously procrastinating now? I don’t have much more to say and yet I ramble on. Sigh. I guess I’m finished my coffee. Time to get to it. Watch me now. Here I go. I’m closing my laptop. Any minute now. Just one more cup of coffee and then I’ll start wrapping, I promise...

Image © Scott Hales |
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